The Basics of Woodwork and Joinery

safety precautions

Creating items from wood is one of the oldest professions in the world. Through the years, the trade has evolved a lot. We now have craftsmen using other materials other than wood. Plus the tools of work have advanced and brought about more convenience. Let us have a look at a couple of basic factors involving this trade.

The tools

Any woodworker has a given set of tools which he uses while performing his job. We have tools meant for measuring, binding, and cutting. There are others which serve more complex functions depending on what is being made. However, some of the main items are a pencil, saw, measurement tape, hammer, and nails. Without them, it would be very hard to do anything.

To start with, the measurement tape is used to get accurate lengths on a material. It is one of the most used tools since the job entails a lot of measuring. Once the measurements have been taken, you will need the pencil to make markings on the material. Feel free to use it for rough calculations too. Next would be to go for the saw. More specifically the panel or fish saw and use it to cut the wood into appropriate shapes and sizes.

Lastly, we have the hammer and nails. Without these two, it would be next to impossible to finish the task – unless you have other means you can use to piece things together.

While working with these tools and others, it is important that you adhere to certain safety measures and precautions. Number one is to conduct regular maintenance to ensure they are in perfect shape at all times. Be sure to check them before you start working too. Those that are spoilt or worn out should be fixed immediately or replaced. Secondly, always use certified protective gear and the safety shield should never be removed.

Thirdly, inspect the workplace inspected and put things in order. Remove any watches, rings or chains and do not carry sharp/pointed objects in the pockets. As for the usage, every tool should serve its rightful purpose.

Now that you know some basics about woodwork and joinery, you should also know that it is important to hire professionals if you want to get quality service. That is why we are here. To save you the hassle of hitting nails and taking measurements. We are the leading wood technicians in the industry, with a combined experienced of more than three decades. All our experts are fully qualified and up to the task. Our rates are very competitive too. Give us call on 012 004 1824 to get a free quotation.

— Johan Stighlingh, Manager

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